Our History

Founded in 1998, the Family to Family Connection program builds upon the strengths of children, families, and communities to support the child within the family and the family within the neighborhood. The program was developed by Sandy Miller, former First Lady of Nevada, as a means to help build families in our state by providing services focusing on strengthening attachment, maximizing brain development and promoting breastfeeding. This statewide effort created a comprehensive network that encourages optimal child growth and development through community-based public and private partnerships.

Currently, Family to Family Connection serves families with children from birth to age five and empowers parents and caretakers with the tools to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children through parent education and community networking. Our program provides educational and emotional support that empowers parents and helps them become the best parents they can be. The end result is healthy, confident children leading to a stronger community.

The parent engagement classes offered by the organization help parents and/or caregivers to build strong bonds with their infants and/or toddlers, and provide training in key developmental areas including early physical, social and emotional issues.The long-term implications of Family to Family Connection extends beyond kindergarten as investments in early childhood education lead to a greater likelihood that young people will become economic and social contributors to our community.

Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of dedicated professionals who are committed to furthering the mission of the organization.

  • Executive Director – Jennifer Fox, M.A.
  • Executive Director Emeritus – Dianne Farkas, M.S.
  • Education and Support Specialist – Hannah Malcom
  • Education and Support Specialist – Stephanie Werkema
  • Education and Support Specialist – Tierney Torchin

Our Board Members

Our organization thrives on partnership, support, and participation, and we greatly appreciate the dedication and contributions of our board members.

  • Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod (President)
    Assemblywoman, Nevada Legislature, District 34
  • Karen Wilkes (Vice President)
    Former Insurance Broker, Published Author
  • Marsha Hayes (Secretary)
    Family to Family Program Instructor Proponent of Developmental Assets
  • Lillie Englund, Ph.D (Treasurer)
    Former Kindergarten Teacher, Pre-school Director, UNLV Instructor
  • Carolyn Wheeler, ED (Member) 
  • Kammy Bridge (Member)
  • Christen Leach OTD, MOT, OTR/L,  BCP (Member)
  • Sarah Thornton (Member)

  • Dawn Davis, Esq (Member)

  • Michaelene “Mikey” Bilbray (Member)

Our Advisory Board Members

  • Tina M. Walls, Esq (Member) 
  • Cheryl Smith (Member)
  • Louise Helton (Member)
  • Sandy Miller (Member)
  • Candance Young-Richey (Member)
  • Leah Cashman (Member)
  • Lara Kolberg (Member)
  • Nicole King, Esq (Member)
  • Ulyanna Chung (Member)
  • Stacey Hatfield (Member)